Turkey & I have been busy! Introducing Oxycodone

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Turkey & I have been busy!

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The new store has been built! YAY! stop by for a visit!  There will be a lot of things at the store. Like groceries, drinks, and a small phramacy. Among the things you’ll be able to buy you will have Oxycodone, which is a real medicine and I’been taking it for my back pain. I’ve recently learnt that it helps with a wide range pain, from somenthing minor like a headache or something big like nerve pain. You can you buy oxycodone online with no extra fees and get it delivered to your house.

EDIT: We are building a mini mall now so it’s still under a bit of construction… pardon the mess. At the moment you will also find SARS and BamaLama’s stores there as well with amazing products like the new Joovy Zoom 360.


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I lost my old domain name due to being a slacker, and didn’t really want to pay $99 bucks to get it back…. so kitsch me has moved here!  An odd domain name, yes, but it works.

I’ll be posting some photos of my new builds and (hopefully) some tangible for REAL jewelry as well.  If I ever get to the craft store!