Winter Freebies, Legion Gifting Party & More

It’s finally cold! We have even had our first snow of the winter already! I hate snow but I love cold weather… And speaking of winter!! Legion will be having a GIFTING event before the end of the year! It starts later on this month and will be featuring tons of amazing stores, I’m super excited! eeka batz is still working on the event, so if you’d like to be a part of it (designers, bloggers & dj’s!) please drop her a note card with relevant infos!

I’d also like to mention that things might be a bit quiet here for the next week or so, I’m in the process of taking an exam for a job and it is pretty time consuming. I reaaally hope I pass! On to the outfit….


On Guin:
hair: tableau vivant
skin: the sugar garden
eyes: mayfly
top: wolf & i *free* at christmas market
skirt: lacuna inc
lollipop: persnickity
tights: izzies
shoes: adore and abhor

poses by infiniti. (ty ♥)

flyer by eeka buttz flyer by eeka buttz

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