Skin Fair 2014 in Second Life Preview

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It’s almost time for this years skin fair!!

The Second Life Skin Fair opens to the public on Fri, March 14th.

This is my first post covering this years event, there will be more to come! I noticed that a lot of my favorites from this years fair are adorable and freckled skins.

There are two pics below, with 7 skins total to preview. Each skin is wearing accompanying make up layers from the same designer.

Skins from L to R:
dead apples, envyme, clef de peau — all new at the skin fair!

Skins from L to R:
okkbye, precious, precious, red mint — all new at the skin fair!

On the rest of me:
hair: little bones *new*
glasses: faux *new*
eyes: the sugar garden
necklace: lark
top: le primitif
skirt: mon ami

pose by elephante poses.

Second Life Skin Fair 2013 – English Muffin

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Here is Skin Fair post number 2! I may have underestimated myself.. I believe there will be a third and maybe even a fourth.

These skins from English Muffin made me squee! They are all so cute and original.. love them (ty Queenie)! They come in an array of different tones and makeups and also come with several addons. In this post I’m going to show off a few makeups from each skin line. This is another new designer for me.. so be sure to pick up the demos at the Skin Fair!!

First up we have Jakuri. My favorite of the lot.. there are so many different lips! ♥ OMG! HEART LIPS! ♥ Jakuri comes with lots of eyeliner tattoo layers, eyes, and lashes. Sometimes my avatar gets crazy eyes like in the pics below. It always makes me giggle.


And now for Dorayaki! This skin comes with lots of addons! Freckles, blushes, eye liners, different chest options and more. The makeup in the middle is my favorite. 😀


Here is Emma! She is very adorbs, don’t you think?


Meet Mochi!


And finally we have ChiChi shown in all skin tones.


All of these can be found in the English Muffin store on Skin Fair sim two! Also fellow Lola’s lovers (even though I rarely wear mine, I do ♥ them) will be happy to know that Tango appliers are available for all skintones!

Other items in this post:
hair: vive9
top: teefy

Get to shoppin’: ♥ Skin Fair sim one ♥ Skin fair sim two ♥

Second Life Skin Fair 2013 – Post 1

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The 2013 Second Life Skin Fair starts tomorrow, March 15th. There are tons of incredible and unique skins from a huge list of talented designers. The stores are housed across two sims and they are super easy to navigate. This is just my first of several (ok, at least *two*) posts covering the event. I’m featuring two skins in this post, both from some kick ass designers that are new to me! Both of these designers are featured on Skin Fair sim one.

The first skin is from SHINE (ty Love!) and her name is Anela. I instantly fell in love with the lips on this skin! I own a lot of skins, so for me, when I go skin shopping, I need to see something that is a little different or else there is a good chance I already have something similar in my inventory. These lips stood out for me and you can see why below:


What comes with the skin? You will get two different freckle & teeth layers along with several different options for cleavage and pubic hair. You can see a few of the add ons below:


The second skin featured in this post, Lana, is from Inside Labs (ty Carlsberg). I love the lips on this skin as well.. and the makeups are also very lovely with plenty to choose from!



What comes with the skin? You will get two freckle layers and a blushing (shy) layer pictured below.


Other items worn:
hair: wasabi pills *new*
top: paper doll *new* at the arcade

Get to shoppin’: ♥ Skin Fair sim one ♥ Skin fair sim two ♥